Our Philosophy

Our goal is to truly be your Partner.  We will work with you long term to increase profits, help you grow, and maximize the overall value of your company.

Our Story

We are just like you.  We know what it takes to invest time and money to build something you are proud of.  We’ve owned businesses, ran large Firms, and helped with any job in between.

Then the idea hit.  What if we used our experience and proven success system to help others with their business.  Not just meet them, take a fee, give them a report the size of a phone book and move on to the next client.  No, something different.  What if we aligned our interests?  What if we worked with them long term and tied our fees to their success?

So we decided to build our own company by helping others with theirs.  When you Partner with TeamUP, you will have more than just a business relationship, you will truly have people you trust and can count on.  And you will have a Partner working with you whose main priority is the success of your business.


Kyle A. Metcalf

Founder & Business Success Partner

Kyle has extensive experience with business processes, construction, leases, and contracts.  He has worked with EDS, NetDimension, and was Chief of Administration for an AmLaw 100 Law Firm before starting TeamUP to focus on helping small to medium businesses save time and money.


Kyle has worked with a diverse range of businesses across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong with each of these businesses having their own unique set of issues, challenges and aspirations. Kyle is totally motivated to help business owners and their enterprise to achieve results that have not, for a multitude of reasons, previously been possible.


Michael “Gypsy” Volosen

Business Success Partner

Michael is a graduate from the University of Dallas, where he graduated with his B.A. in English, and concentrations in Business and Industrial Organizational Psychology. While in college, Michael built several businesses and ran multiple organizations to help carry him through his lengthy college career. While studying and running these organizations, Michael joined Vector Marketing in 2009. After graduating college, Michael moved to a full time position with Vector and became a multiple award winning District Manager, with awards towards overall sales, training and recruiting.